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Licensing question

If I buy a license independent of the Proz com membership (which I unfortunately lapsed due to tough times), will be license be good for just 1 computer, or hopefully two (1 stationary and one portable)?



2 indeed

After the purchase of the license, please submit a support ticket to receive the second license for your portable computer. 

Thanks, I just paid for the subscription. I received info that the order is completed. Is the license key available immediately, or do I need to wait for some time?

The first license file is available for download directly from your online order. Please see the instructions to follow there. The second license will be issued shortly via the submitted support ticket.

I made my purchase logged in to the account I am using now, but in the order itself I used a different e-mail address translation . zone @ outlook . com

I hope it does not cause any confusion



All will be solved via the support ticket. Thanks!

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