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How do I remove unneeded matches from matchboard?

Hi all,

My matchboard is useful, yet a little bit too cluttered for my taste. In fact, I see suggestions that I am not interested in, such as these ones marked with "CT" (which are incorrect, by the way):



And also these ones, which are fragments from my TMX, but are incorrect either and I don't need them, as they are highlighted in the source text and get messed up with glossary entries:



Is there a way to get rid of these suggestions? Here are my Memory settings, perhaps I have to tweak some other parameters?


Thanks a lot :)


Hi Eliza,

These are called fragment (subsegment) hits:

You can tweak their settings in Preferences > Memory

Here is an explanation for each of the options:

However, since you just want to get rid of them, just disable Hits from all your Translation memories.

Right click inside the pane of each open TM and select Options.

Set Matching type to Fuzzy instead of Fuzzy and Hits.

Fuzzy & hits = With this option, CafeTran analyzes source segments on a word basis (fuzzy matching), and performs statistical analysis of subsegments to determine their translation (fragment matches aka Hits). See an explanation of Fragment Hits.
= With this option, CafeTran only performs fuzzy matching analysis. Disabling subsegment analysis speeds up the matching process.

Another alternative: right click inside the Matchboard pane and deselect "Show memory hits". The Matchboard will no longer present them, although they will still be highlighted in the source segment editor box.

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Perfect, it worked!

Many thanks, Jean!

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