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Request: Ability to rename project

This should be treated as low priority, but I'd like to have the ability to rename a project half way through.

I have one (old, reliable) customer who often only sends me their order number several days after sending the project. I prefer to have my projects properly named for the rare occasions where I need to refer back to an old project.
At present I rename the projects manually by editing project name in the xlf file and renaming the project folder – it's not so hard to do (which means it's also not so hard to code), except that because it only happens every few months, each time I have to check that that's really all I need to do.
The ability to rename a project would save me this trouble and should be trivial to code.

Oh, and one more thing: why in the project dialog are the 'project' field in 'Project properties' and the 'Project name' separate? Why aren't they the same (or at the very least, why doesn't the project field in project properties default to the project name?)

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