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Exported target text containing bits of source text

I just exported a 13,000-word native project into Word format, and discovered that the exported target text still contains small parts of source text. As can be seen in screenshot "ExportedTarget", the characters "oîtier" from the source text (see screenshot) were added to the end of the target sentence.

This happens in a few places throughout my project, only at the very end of large segments that I split into several smaller parts. The above example is from a 175-word segment, split in two parts, where the error occurs at the end of the second part. One other occurrence is at the end of a 400-word segment split in four parts.

What might be causing this? Thank you in advance for your help.

(5.74 KB)
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You may have edited the original source language document located in the project's folder. If you haven't changed anything with it, please navigate to those segments and check the tags. QA > Tags check might reveal the cause.

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