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How to update CTE from Intel to M1 Version


I'm so sorry for this request but I'm so bad at this: 

When I got this MacBook Pro with the new Apple M1 chip in 2020, I installed Cafetran and used it via Rosetta. I still do. Same version. I didn't update anything. 

A few weeks ago, I noticed an issue with a web resource I use in CTE. 

I came here today to check if I could update Cafetran and I saw they now have a special version for Apple M1. 

What can I do to switch from the old version using Rosetta to this new one?

*I don't have a license yet but I plan to get one soon.

Thank you so much for your help!


Why don't you simply remove the older CT version and install the latest version of CafeTran for Apple M1 chip?


Thank you for your answer.

Removing the older version is the easiest way to go? Will I lose anything?

Please submit the support ticket to help you switch from the Rosetta-based installation on Apple M1 chip.

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