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Java error?



after having installed CafeTran I tried to open it but only got the message attached.

Fortunately I still have an older version which is working without problems but what can I do about this java error?

Thanks in advance for all hints!


My system: Windows 8.1

Hi Charlotte,

Have you tried clicking the Reset CafeTran button and launching the app again? Before you do it, please make sure that you complete all your unfinished projects with the older version. If you manage to launch the new version, please don't run the older version on the same computer anymore. 

Hi Igor,

Thank you for your quick reply! Yes, I clicked that button and launched it again but unfortunately to no avail. I even downloaded CafeTran again but it was still the same. What's the reason for this error, is it in my computer?



Have you installed it in the default location on Windows 8? If you have, uninstall it and install again. This time, try installing CafeTran in another directory/folder (e.g Documents folder) during the installation steps. Please do not choose a system folder such as Program Files on Windows.


Hi Igor, I'm still having problems with CTE all of a sudden throwing large and small windows across the screen for no apparent reasons when clicking with the mouse (the only way out is closing CTE). Last time you suggested to install it under a new account (I'm on Windows 10), but now you are even suggesting to install it into the Documents folder (which on this PC is on a different drive (D:). CTE is installed in the (C:) Users folder right now.

Is there a problem if I do a fresh installation in the Documents folder and live the old installation alone?


Launching two CafeTran installations in the same system can cause issues with the settings and paths, so I certainly do not recommend it.  As I don't know the exact cause of the issue with the user's default installation folder on the older Windows 8 system, I suggested reinstalling CafeTran to another folder. Actually, the user may try to change the default installation folder into any location under the user's (home) directory structure.  The Documents folder is a good choice.  

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