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Non-translatable fragments QA check not working

Hi, I just ran the QA check on a project, and CTE failed to indicate a missing non-translatable fragment. The source segment contained the fragment (TE), and the target segment contained (TI) instead of the correct source fragment (I have a list of regex to make Cafetran recognize numbers and number-letter combinations in parantheses as NT fragments, so I can quickly insert them). Shouldn't there be a "Missing NT fragment" message for that segment?

 That makes sense of course, thanks for clarifying!

Well, the regular expression may catch the source and target language non-translatable fragments that differ and they are still equivalents (e.g some acronyms or dates). Then, they should not be recognized as errors.  

Thanks, that's probably the case here. Is there any way to detect such errors at all?

Perhaps the same regular expression catches both TE and TI?

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