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How to keep Studio termbase and TM out of auto-assembling - permanently?

Is there a way to keep Studio termbases and TMs out of auto-assembling - permanently?

It is my understanding that these resources are converted to Memories in RAM every time you open a Studio project that contains these.

Right-click at the resource pane and uncheck "Keep out of the auto-assembling" option. It works for the current session. CafeTran does not change the resources (or settings) present inside the packages coming from other tools.

Thanks Igor, I was aware of that.

However, sometimes I have to kill and restart the app during a longer project. I was hoping that there would be a way to let CafeTran Espresso remember my choice.

Ah... while typing, I came up with one: just convert the resources to TMX manually and make the setting permanent.

Thanks for listening :)

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