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Wrap resource names at underscore characters

Would it be possible to let long resource names like 1_long_glossary_name wrap at _ in the New Term dialogue box?

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Just had the idea to change the name of the glossary in the .res file:


Non-translatable fragments only=no


Match case=yes


Terms check=yes

Entries separator=OS X/Unix

Regular expressions only=no


Read only=no

Name=0 mercedes-benz de qa

However, this doesn't make the glossary wrap in the New term dialogue box ...

I think this might be useful. Although if implemented, maybe optionally?

Incidentally, you are shown the full name of the glossaries if you hover over the "1", "2", etc. buttons, although I suspect you already knew this.


The wrapping is not to make the gloss name vis. But to avoid distooooooooooooortion of the dialogue box when a looooooooooooog gloss name is displayed.

So I guess that it's just a cosmetic issue for an autist.

Can you give us a screenshot of how the dialogue is being distorted? If the glossary names are very long they are truncated with three dots … (in my CT at least, on Windows)

Like this (or even 'worse'):


Here's what mine looks like:


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