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Can a Total Recall database be exported?

Can a Total Recall database be exported, either as tab-delimited or TMX?

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Thanks Jan, it works perfectly!

I have improved this functionality by adding a simple "Export to TAB-delimited text" button. You can now export your CafeTran/Trados memory into a tab-del text file. I have tried it, exported it, then re-imported back into TMX using another tool. Seems to work well.

See it in action here:

To take advantage of this functionality, you can simply run Bohemicus and click Yes to the update prompt.

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Sure, I will adjust it with pleasure - adding a checkbox for Tab-Delimited text or something. It's really easy, just a slight change in the code.

Hello Jan,

It would indeed be very useful. The Total Recall database is primarily for concordancing (at least in my view :) ), so losing the extra info that TMX can contain, is not a problem (me thinks).



Well, just tell me! No problem to adjust it to tab-del... I just thought TMX would be better for import to other tools such as Trados.

Adding the "tab-del" functionality is just a question of a couple of lines of code. I can do it this weekend, no problem.

Anyway, the current state can be seen in action here:

thanks, got it!

>I think tab-del would be better, 

I completely agree. Much more efficient. Less (characters) for more (info).

BTW: Wfconverter.exe from Wf is very nice for a quick transmodifrication from TMX to tab-del.

I'll send you mine via PM

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I just tried Bohemicus out, and it works perfectly. My SQLiteMemoryBase.db was converted to a TMX after just drag/dropping it onto the correct pane in Bohemicus. I think tab-del would be better, since these resulting TMXs could potentially can get very big, and very large TMXs (of several GBs) are harder to work with than very large tab-del files (e.g. in EmEditor can easily edit files of many, many GBs).

I noticed that Jan Kapoun has added a feature to export the content of your Total Recall database, in case you've lost the original TMX or tab-delimited files that you've imported in your Total Recall database.

As far as I know, currently only the SQLite database format is supported.

I haven't tested it yet, since I'm working on macOS and the tool is for Windows. But I'll give it a go in a VM soon.

Total Recall is a nice database solution for concordancing your treasure chest of old translations very fast, directly from the CafeTran Espresso interface.

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I haven't found an easy way to do it yet.

It's an MySQL DB.

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