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New fuzzy match highlighting - word order issue

Hi Igor, thanks for implementing the new FM highlighting, it looks lovely! I haven't used it for any real work yet, but wanted to test it so I copied some random patent claims off the Internet and translated them using DeepL.

Please look at the screenshot, the uppermost 63% FM is somewhat messed up. The first word, Heating, should be crossed out, and the other orange part ("has at least one...") should be elsewhere in the text, too.

This is a very short segment and one can easily figure it out, but with longer segments this can become quite confusing. Would it be possible to fix this word order problem? Thanks!

Hmm, I wonder what's going on there?

I have been testing the new implementation myself today with a technical job, and will be testing it with a patent application after that. So far, I haven't gotten anything like that, well, apart from one number somewhere that should have been gone. I'll report any findings here!

OK, so I am also having some issues. 

Compare the following two identical segments/fuzzy matches, one in memoQ and the other in CafeTran. 

There is definitely something wrong with the CT version. I wonder if it is related to stop words and/or the brackets? I'm hoping Igor can shed some light on this.





(604 KB)

Thanks for your input, Michael. This is really odd. I have attached a version of my test segment that I opened with my old Cafetran 11.02. It looks like something has been introduced with 11.05 that causes this issue.

It looks like when the deleted word appears more than once in the segment, CTE marks its last occurrence. Hopefully, it can be fixed in a future update. 

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Seeing Stefan’s dark theme images I see where Igor’s choice of colours for added text comes from. Nevertheless, I think most users will use a light theme. It’s a matter of what new users will see at first look.

Fingers crossed Igor manages to fix this!

Woohoo, as far as I can tell Igor has fixed it in the latest version!!!

CafeTran Espresso 11.1 - Blueberry Cheesecake


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