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Problem with tag recognition

I have to translate an xml file, I imported the file in CafeTran (Import as XML) and everything looks good but I have a little problem with a sentence containing T<i>, where <i> is a placeholder and not a tag.

CafeTran recognizes it as a tag in my translation, I already tried to uncheck Preferences --> Workflow --> Convert HTML formatting tags at export but it didn’t work and the <i> is still recognized as a tag in the export file.

I also tried to import the file in CafeTran als XML with Tags, then the <> are converted to &lt; and &gt; and are no longer detected as tag.

But then I have the problem that all tags other tags are displayed as text that should be translated. Is there a possibility to not show the real tags in the translation window/field? Is there a way to solve the problem?


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You might submit a support ticket attaching a sample XML source file to better understand and look into the issue.

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