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Importing large sdlppx - CT only shows 58 of 190 files

hello everyone,

i'm a brand new user of CT - really like it so far! after 10+ years of translating in horrible SDL, on a virtual machine that sucked all the energy out of me and my Mac, I finally discovered CT. there’s definitely a steep learning curve for me now, however. i've read lots of the documentation and looked at many onlne resources but can't find an answer to this:

i usually work with large projects consisting of lots of small files. i've opened the external sdl package for translation but CT only shows 58 of the 190 source files. in alphabetical order. does anyone have an idea what could be the problem here? 

thank you!

thank you so much for the welcome and the detailed and quick reply! i really appreciate it. 

good idea, alwayslockyourbike! they're not in a subfolder, though.

i will create a support ticket, but can't share this client's file unfortunately. the workaround sounds like a great plan for now, and the training definitely in the future :) i already saw on proz that you offer that, would prob be great and the quickest way to learn.

oh and the wiki has been super helpful!

 Hi, and welcome!

For file-related issues, I highly suggest you create a support ticket and attach the file (or in your case, upload it somewhere like Wetransfer and paste the link)  so that the developer can have a look.

As a workaround, I suggest the following:

- (Rename if needed the SDLPPX to ZIP and) Extract/Expand the package. From the screenshot, you may have done so already (or CafeTran did it for you).

- Check the package contents and copy all SDLXLIFF files into a folder (naming the folder to something meaningful)

- From the CafeTran Dashboard menu button ≡ select Multiple document project and drag and drop the folder containing the SDLXIFF files. Are the files all there? If so, you can translate them as is. Any attached termbases or TMs, you can import manually from the Memory menu.

The client should be able to accept the finalized SDLXIFFs instead, or you can try to produce return package (basically put everything in the same place, ZIP the package and rename to SDLRPX, but I could be missing something).

As a side note, if you think one or two hours of training could help expedite that learning curve, you can drop me a line at :-) I think Alwayslockyourbike ( is also offering such a service.

And in case you've missed them, here are some reference files that I've created to complement the existing documentation:

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Perhaps these 58 files are in one subfolder? Can you check this.

i'm on macOS Monterey 12.3, using CT 11.0.2. File formats are xlf.sdlxliff and the sdlppx.

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