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Translating one source document into different languages

I have a source document which I have to translate into 3 different languages, so at the end I'll have 3 target documents:


Source document name is abc.DE_de

Target documents will be :

1. abc.IT_it

2. abc.FR_fr.

3. abc.EN_en

I imported the document in CafeTran and translated it into the first language, then imported it again to translate it into the next language. The problem I have now is, with the second translation, the first translation was overwrite and now I have only the second translation saved in CafeTran.

Do I have to rename the source document every time for a new target language to avoid overwriting or is there another solution?

Thank you in advance

I forgot to write that the source document is a .docx


When you create a new project, CafeTran creates a new folder for this project where it imports the source document (adding the source language code, DE_de for example), and applies segmentation rules to break the document into segments and create a project bilingual XLIFF file (.xlf). This folder is also where it will save the project terms/glossary (.txt) and project memory (.tmx), and the default location for exporting target files.

Side note: never edit or remove the source document in the project folder. It is needed for CafeTran export actions. Modifying it might lead to problems.

- The source document does not need to have the language extension (DE_de). CafeTran will add it automatically during project creation. So leave it at ABC.docx.

- Create a new project for each language, and give it a meaningful/different project name each time. Using the same project name  might overwrite the previous one.

For example, you could use the file abc.docx to create a new project and set ABC IT_it as its project name. Then a new project with ABC FR_fr etc.

In other words, you can reuse the same file in many projects, but you should give a different project name. The project name is then used as the project folder name as well.

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For project names, maybe the language combination is more relevant: ABC DE-IT, etc.

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Thank you very much Jean, it is a clever and simple solution. It works now :-)

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