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New CTE user here, running on Fedora 35.

I managed to get a pretty decent install, by placing all of the program files in their own hidden folder and using a different application's desktop launcher file to make CTE it's own desktop launcher. Some issues with desktop integration and setting up web resources aside, the application is very usable.

I was wondering, though, if it would be possible to provide CTE as a Flatpak. Doing so would take care of desktop integration and get automatic updates out to users. They are also distro-agnostic, and pretty much every distro is turning to them with the exception of Ubuntu, who seem intent on pushing their own Snaps for the time being. Flatpak can easily be enabled on Ubuntu, however, and given their track record they'll probably abandon Snaps on the desktop in due course.

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Personally, I would favor Appimage, but yes, a packaged version for Linux would be great.

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