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HTML file written in Markdown/Preview crash

I'm a English>Chinese translator, new to Cafetran and would like to translate TheCafeTranFiles while studying how to use this app. However, I downloaded the .md file, converted it to HTML, started a new project in Cafetran, the segment breaks were very confusing as shown in the picture attached.

Then, the Preview problem. I use Wordfast Pro and it has a syc preview on the right. I was wondering if Cafetran has the same feature, but when I click Resources>Open HTML page for source review, Cafetran immediately crashed. At first I thought it was I CAN'T open a preview while editing the same HTML page, but I tried other commands under Resources(listed in the picture below), they all led to immediately crash. I'm not sure if I did something or if it's a bug. 

(My MBP is MacOS 10.13.6, not planning to update, or it'll crash my other software.)

I CAN read/edit/translate the .md file by editing the source file, but that would miss the point of learning this new CAT tool. 

There're very few tutorials about Cafetran and even less in Chinese. I'm thinking if I could get a hang of this CAT tool, I can help a lot Mac user/Chinese translator with this. Any reply would be appreciated.

You shouldn't convert to HTML. Directly translate the MD: it's much simpler.

Create reg exes to protect the mark up or ask Igor to add a file filter for MD.

CafeTran Espresso doesn't have a preview pane like Wfp does, but with the correct file filter (to be developed), I'm not sure if you'd need one.

Import as plain text:


Create a glossary to protect the markup:


To get:


Do the same for the other markup.

But ... a new file filter is the better solution.

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I see that the text cursor is in the glossary screenshot. It should read:




For what it's worth: BBEdit can display a preview:



Perhaps a link can be made to Mark2?

Thank you so much for replying so soon!  I would definitely try this app! (and import as plain text! )

And yes, I do agree that new file filter for MD is the better solution in the long run.

(BTW I noticed my pictures are very small, I'm gonna try upload here.)



Wordfast pro preview:


Oh no, after battling with Cafetran for the last few hours, I've met some new problems.

Resources>Open HTML page for source review, Cafetran immediately crashed. (I'm not even trying to preview my file anymore, just wanted to know why would it crash.)

Some of the keyboard shortcuts don't work. 

I haven't test all of them, but the most important ones aren't working which pains me.

Add segment to memory and go to next segment(⌃+⌥+↓)

Move to the previous segment (⌃+⌥+←)

Move to the next segment(⌃+⌥+→ )

These 3 will activate as default "Move Caret to Next/Previous Word/Line with Selection" in MacOS

Add term to glossary (⌃+⌥+G, when I click it, it will type ˝ instead)

even f4 for Fullscreen: pops up my mac app overview

so far none of them works, I also tried to customize into another combination(⌘+↓), the menu bar shines when I click it, but the command won't follow. 

(⌘+S for saving or ⌘+C/⌘+V for copy/paste works fine, so I really don't understand why some of them not working.)

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