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maybe I'm not doing things right, but when spellchecking a text with a number of repetitions, when I correct one of the repetitions the other reps are still presented. Once corrected, that segment should not be presented again. I did not find any settings to avoid this.

Thanks a lot for your suggestions, this opens completely new horizons to my QAing.


I understand you use the QA step "Check spelling in target segments". In that case, Ctrl+L is the way to repeat (and refresh) the last QA step, as Hans said above.

However, I believe there is a better way to conduct this check in CafeTran,

Task > List words with unknown spelling.

This shows a list of words non recognized by the spellchecker. Saving correct words in the user spell-check dictionary is just a matter of clicking the corresponding word/button. Those will no longer show up as red/unknown from now on. Ctrl+Click filters the segments which include the word in the Grid, so that you can review them and/make other changes.

Your correction will only propagate to identical segments. This is different from other apps.
CafeTran uses a different approach. You’ll have to confirm every corrected segment and then press Carl+L to repeat the QA. Successively, you’ll work your way through all segments containing errors. Works quite fast.
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