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Project is empty after installing the spellchecker

Hello! I need urgent help! I have almost finished quite a big project RU -> PL made from 9 documents. I just wanted to check the spelling and I installed the dictionary from the website given. I saved the file in the project folder. After restarting the programme the project is empty, translation memory as well and the target language is Russian... I do not what happened. Please help urgently! The deadline is tomorrow! Thank you in advance. Marcelina

Hi! Oh dear.

Have you tried removing the dictionary files you saved in the project folder?

Yes, I did it and nothing changed.

Have you looked inside the project TM? Are your translations still in it? If so, you could recreate the project (in a second folder!), and pretranslate the whole thing, using Translate > Insert all exact matches

I have created a new project, import TM but it is said it's empty... :(

Hmm. Could it be that you were translating without a TM? I'm assuming not, but people sometimes do it.

Did you use a project TM (the one that is automatically created with a project), or attach a separate .tmx to your project?

I've gotta get to bed now, but I could have a look at the project tomorrow morning. Unless you solve it before then, or someone else pops up here. It's also worth trying over in the forums, as there is usually someone up late who might be able to help you!

Good luck! 

I used project TM, not a separate one.

Anyway, thank you!

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