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Convert .tcs files from Multitrans

I have a number of "textbase" files created by aligning, for example, French and English versions (PDFs) of legislation. But they are in *.tcs format, from an old translation program called Multitrans. Can they be converted into *.xml for use in CafeTran? Also "termbase" glossary files, in *.TMB3 format. Same question: can they be converted somehow for use in CafeTran?


What is the structure of the files?

You will need to export these files to TMX first if you want to use them with CafeTran.

If you have or can find Multritrans, use it to perform the export actions.

For example, I have found this for textbases (.TMB3):

How to export a MultiTrans TextBase -

And for .tcs, I have found this: (see page 48 [page 40 with internal page numbering]) "Exporting Corpus alignments to a TMX file"

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