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About cloning terms


I would like to ask for a refresher on cloning terms.

This is what I have found in past announcements:

Added "Clone" function to "Term Editor". It enables the creation of a new term based on the currently edited term.
Holding the CTRL key while closing the "New Term" dialog via the Close dialog switches to the "New fragment" dialog. The switch also works while closing the "New fragment" dialog.
    Highlighting of non-translatables overwrites the highlight color of glossary or TM matches.
The new build (**2018100402**) has the Clone button grayed initially.

There is no Clone button anymore. How to achieve the cloning?


 Nice. There was a note in italics (under Preparing to create a project template, discussing some specifics), which I completed with your suggestion. It now reads:

Note: You can use your file manager to access the templates folder, rename you XML files, and organize them in subfolders if you wish so. You can also make a copy for a different client/project/language pair and easily build your project template library.

And perhaps mention that one can copy client_pt.xml to anotherclient_pt.xml. Or energy_es-de.xml to energy_de-es.xml. With the Finder/Explorer/Whatsitcalledinlinuxthingee. To quickly build a library of PTs.

 Oh yes, that's right! Will add a screenshot and section of the Term Editor panel in the Menu and Interface reference document.

> There is no Clone button anymore

You should see this button in the Term Editor panel when you click on the already present term in the glossary pane or the Matchboard.

Right! Great, thank you for jogging my memory.

I think that the feature now is called New term. When I press CTRL while clicking New term, the present content of the source and target term input boxes are saved to a glossary, while they stay in the dialogue box.

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