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Comments on new Tracking changes feature

I just tested this feature.

After making some edits in Trados with track changes enabled, I opened the SDLXLIFF file in CafeTran.


- The additions and suppressions done in Trados and clearly outlined in the grid, and accepting/rejecting changes is very intuitive. Very nice.

- I was not sure what the Go checkbox does. The tooltip says "Go to next segment", which was not clear to me. I only got it after testing it myself. Maybe it should read something like "Go to next segment once all changes have been accepted/rejected in the current segment".

- The display in Trados of edits made in CafeTran is consistent with what CafeTran shows (including author and date). Nice.

- ISSUE: However, recording added and deleted words does not seem systematically tracked, which is problematic. For example, entering a translation in an empty segment does not make all the phrase show as an addition. Generally, if more than one word is added in an edit, only part of the edit is marked as such (just the last word), making it difficult to track edits done in CafeTran. Likewise, edits made in some characters of a word appear as normal text. When Record is enabled, CafeTran should record all changes and tag them accordingly for display.

- Additions and deletions in CafeTran are enclosed as + and - tags in the Segment editors. I think I would rather have this behavior changed to underline and strikethrough as in the Grid, for better clarity. Could the editors hide these tags behind the scenes and show underline/strikethrough instead? 

- One nice thing though, is that selecting the tracked edit highlights it in the target segment editor. This is helpful.

To sum up, the display and management of tracked changes (additions/deletions) is there for CafeTran and Trados projects alike, which is great. However, edits made in CafeTran are not being recorded and displayed as such systematically, which make further editing in CafeTran currently problematic.

This is still very promising and I am sure the described behavior can be fixed.

Many thanks for adding this, Igor!


Please make sure that "Record" option is checked. Also, notice that the plus and minus tags appear only in the previously tracked segments - not when you start tracking the given segment or add a tracked change to another part of the segment. This lets you distinguish between previous and new changes in the segment. Note that you can edit the previous changes (those between plus or minus tags) aside from confirming or rejecting them.  

If the issue continues, please submit a support ticket with the attached file indicating the segment number.

Thank you for these insights. I didn't fiddle with the record option, and reproduced this with a native project as well, but I will take more time to test the feature and share the specifics via a ticket.

Has anybody else tried this feature? If so, did you encounter any issues?

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