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CafeTran demo additional limitation: up to 50 segments of MT

I've used CafeTran on a new computer, before receiving a new licence file, and noticed a limitation on the demo version that I was not aware of.



What I knew already:

 You won’t be able to work with TM files that are larger than 1000 TU’s in size (in total), and you will not be able to make use of glossaries that are larger than 500 terms (in total).



In addition to these, I got a message that in the demo version, a user can query up to 50 segments of MT. Is that correct?



In that case, maybe this should be mentionned as well :-)

>  Is that correct?

Yes, this is correct. Currently, the demo version limitation applies only to the additional MT services apart from free MyMemory MT.

Thank you for the confirmation, Igor.

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