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Update to CafeTran Espresso 11 from version 10.5

Hello everybody,

I hope you are having a pleasant Christmas/holiday period.


Since I installed CafeTran on my 2 computers, I realised I never updated it: I am still stuck with version 10.5. Meanwhile, I saw that new versions rolled out, and now the latest is version 11.


However, I see that this update is installable only from version 10.7.


So, my questions are:


1) Should I install version 10.7 first, in order to be able to have the latest version 11?


2) Will my settings remain untouched? Especially when it comes to folders to which projects are saved, and translation interface settings/preferences too.


3) Will also "placeables" folder remain untouched? I stored all my untranslatable terms in there.


Thank you for your help!

Best wishes,



Hello Elisa,

You need to complete all your CafeTran projects in the old version. Then, remove it from Applications and download the latest CTE version. Most of your settings should remain unchanged. All the project or program folders which are outside are safe. Otherwise, or just in case, you might backup your important CTE folders and files such as "placeables" which might be located inside You can keep the old as a backup (without running it) until you are all set and happy with the new CT version.

Happy New Year!

Hi Igor,

Thank you for your reply. Here ( I saw that, in order to install version 11, I need to have at least version 10.7 (I am currently running v. 10.5).

Is it safe to proceed?

Thank you!

> I am currently running v. 10.5

Is your computer running Windows or MacOS?

Windows 10.

The safest would be to back up your current CafeTran installation folder. Just in case you need to transfer some resources from there. Then, download the latest CafeTran version and install it in your system. I assume that you completed and exported all the projects started in your current CTE version.

Hi Igor,

I just installed the new version. I have an issue, however, as this is recognised as a "trial" version. It seems like the license is not recognised automatically, but the computer is the same. What should I do?

Thank you.

Hi Elisa,

Please submit a support ticket to check your license.

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