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XLF files downloaded from XTM and translated using CTE

CTE opened these XLF files but in the next session it failed to keep the status of the filtered segments, which I changed to locked and approved in the initial session. Is this a bug?

Thanks in advance for your information.

I think that it is by design. Same goes for Studio files. You could add a temporary unique character to filter on.

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That's a good workaround. Thank you!

I need to correct my statement. I just assigned the status 'Approved' to some segments in a Studio project. After quitting and reopening the project in CafeTran Espresso, I could filter on status 'Approved' again.

Perhaps this needs to be added by the developer to the XTM flavour of XLIFF too?

In the meantime, I'd use the zero-width space. Simply add it to the beginning of every approved segment via the regular expression \A for segment start.

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Since I am working on a big project, I have not yet upgraded my copy of CafeTran Espresso. I currently run the previous one.

I use asterisks at the end of the target sentence to mark the changed segments and filter such segments thereafter – the current text has not footnotes. It works for me.

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