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CTE is keeping back key strokes


Did you change something in the auto-prompter?

It often looks like CafeTran Espresso is 'eating' keystrokes. I have to wait a few seconds patiently and then they are inserted in the target editor.


This effect increases during the working day.

To be more precise: it's when typing (inserting) text inside a segment, when CafeTran Espresso seems to have difficulties to 'push' the text after the insertion to the right.

I don't recall any significant changes to the Prompter. Try turning it off to see if it contributes to this issue. It might be RAM memory related. When it reaches the limit, the processor is busy reclaiming the available memory (the process called the memory swapping) instead of working on the current task such as typing in this case. The usual panacea is increasing Java memory for CafeTran.

Thing is, that I haven't changed this value.


Perhaps it's a physical defect in my iMac? The RAM, for instance.


Restart the program and see if it helps.

Yes, that usually works Is CT Warning me that I’m working too long?

I'm trying to pinpoint the cause of the slow response and I've now changed the settings for the Prompter like this:


Let's see if this fixes the problem.

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