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Creating a Total Recall database table for all your legacy memories

Ever got tired of translating the same generic segments over and over again, for each new client?

Are you sure that you've translated a specific segment already for another client?

Ever considered to store all your translation units in one giant Total Recall database table, that you can use to insert all exact matches in a new project for a new client (for which you don't have a memory yet)?

Here's a way to achieve that:

  • Copy all legacy memories to a folder on your Desktop. Tip: You can use TotalCommander, Crax Commander etc. to easily select all memories, in various folders. (Alt+F7, *.tmx, copy)
In the Dashboard:
  • Make sure that you've selected a project with the correct language combination.
  • Create a new TR database table, e.g. 'legacy'.
Open the translation project.

In CafeTran Espresso's project view (where you can see the Grid and the translation editors):
  • From the Memory menu select Import files in folder (a checkmark will be placed).
  • From the Total Recall menu, select Import > Import TMX Memory.
  • Select the folder that contains all of your legacy memories.
  • Click OK.

Now, next time when you want to reuse your legacy memories for a new client:

In the Dashboard:
  • Select the legacy table.
  • Create a new project.
CafeTran Espresso will create an extract with relevant translation units from the table and load it as Total Recall_TM in the tabbed pane.
  • From the Edit menu, select Insert all Exact Matches.

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