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Request: Allow importing a folder with TMX files in TR

I've just downloaded Michael's gigantic collection of patent translations:


It would be nice if I could import them in one action in a TR table.

1. Remove the .txt files from the folder as CT will treat them as tab-delimited .txt files, which they aren't obviously.

2. Select "Import files in folder" in the Memory menu.

How nice. Thanks. Just recovering from 6 persons with leaf blowers that passed my office. 


I'd like to concordance these patent translation in my DE > NL translation projects. What would be the best way to import them, since they are DE > EN?


  • Use a command line tool to replace lang="en" to lang="nl" and import the TMX files?
  • Any other procedure?

Just open the table with the imported segments via Total Recall > Tables menu and select the correct language pair when opening it.  

Wow, that would override the target language code? Nice!

>2. Select "Import files in folder" in the Memory menu.

Just to be clear. First go to the Memory menu, check 'Import files in folder'. Then go to the TR menu and select 

Total Recall > Import > Import TMX Memory 

I'd never have guessed that I had to go to the Memory menu first, to activate  'Import files in folder'

Yeah, the same option should be present in Total Recall menu to avoid jumping between menus. 

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