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Improving the source text readability when...


Because of the absence of spaces, written Japanese requires (for non Japanese like me) a lot of attention even when it is not multi-coloured like the sample above, let alone when in long texts there are many tags and other colors that serve additional needs. 

When translating from Japanese, I would like to highlight dictionary words with the font color only, not with the background color too. OK, this can be done in the View menu, but the bottom border and the right border are still visible and just add confusion.

Therefore, would it be possible:

1) to do away altogether with border highlighting

2) to add the possibility to eliminate the background color for dictionary terms based on dictionary priority, or at least customize their background color? 

Thank you for considering.

When the user sets the same term color as the color of the editor's background (e.g white), the highlighted border should not be visible at all. This will also let the user set the term's font color only. This is the improvement for the coming CTE update.   

Nice improvement, thank you.

Hi Igor,

I've installed the latest build and I couldn't find the improvement above. It was not implemented in this build?

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