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I returned to 10.9

For the first time in many years, I returned to a previous version of CafeTran Espresso.

I'm often suffering of slow response while typing, looks almost like freezing, have to kill CafeTran Espresso, since quitting isn't possible.

Let's look via 10.9 if this is because of my configuration or because of the .1 version.

macOS 10.15.7

Back to 10.9.1 but now I've removed all non-translatables glossaries with regular expressions, since I suspect that one of them contains an error :(.

That doesn't solve it either. I'll contact support.

If you switch between CT versions back and forth, make sure that your Java memory set value is updated for the given CT version in Edit > Preferences > Memory field. If that doesn't help, you may need to reset the Preferences via the Reset button and set Java memory again after the reset.

Thanks, but it hadn't changed:


Nevertheless, I followed your advice and I've reset the preferences.

Can I import (restore) an old preferences.xml or should I set everything manually?

First, try to import the old preferences (hopefully not too old). Then, check the max. Java memory value displayed in CafeTran's Help > About panel.

Yep, they were old ... as old as 2018.

You've been quite busy, haven't you, since then?

It was amazing how the Preferences tabs have changed (mental note to self: must make new screenshots).

Anyway, I've chosen to set everything anew.

And here are my observations:

  • The last word in sentences wasn't recognised from the glossary: had to add the full stop here:


(You might want to add this to the default settings too ...)
  • The add selections to glossary, just by clicking in a glossary pane doesn't work always. No idea what the conditions are exactly. BTW: Is there a setting that controls this useful way to add new term pairs?
  • The default look of the Mac theme wasn't Mac'ish at all. Please allow me to elaborate on this a little further: it's easy to wave this away (those bloody Mac fanboys again), but from recent discussions both on Proz and in the FB group Mac for translators, I know that for users of a Mac, not only the looks of the hardware is important, but certainly also the looks of their software. So why not make the Mac theme more Mac-like? (I'm glad to give some suggestions ...)

>The add selections to glossary, just by clicking in a glossary pane doesn't work always.

This was probably related to: The last word in sentences wasn't recognised from the glossary

Lóòks like I'm back in business :)

Nope. Had to kill CafeTran Espresso again. Mind-boggling behaviour.

I haven't had any major issues with 10.9.1 . True, I had to kill it once, but that was maybe also due to the fact that I did not restart my Windows PC for a month! :-)

I'm back on 10.9.1 

Did some smaller projects with no problems.

The matter is still 'under investigation', perhaps it's a faulty defined non-translatable (regex) that causes problems in longer projects on my system.

Currently busy with creating TR databases from my own legacy memories and publicly available free resources.

Oh, and translating of course.

I have to say, I am struggling like mad with 10.9.1. Each time I interact with the interface, CTE consumes up to 360% CPU and everything is super slow. The memory consumption constantly increases, and then CTE freezes (best case scenario), crashes, or freeze my entire Linux. When it crashes, it sometimes deletes the TMs in use (fortunately, I have continuous backup).

I tried to change the starting config to use different Java without results. I installed CTE on different machines with different Ubuntu and different Java without results.

Using embedded web resources makes things 10 times worse and the death sentence arrives after a handful of segments.

There are various error messages, but the commonalities are Swing, AWT (not surprising considering what I described above), and JFX. I have also many really strange messages like "cannot create new player" etc.

At the moment, I am using it minimally, without any web resources, and waiting or the CPU to calm down before moving on.

You may have not enough memory assigned for Java. What does the max. Java memory value show in CafeTran's Help > About panel > Java memory field? You can attach the screenshot of this panel.

We already went through there. I have 8 Gb assigned through the preferences. In the bash script I have

# Java initial memory.
# Java maximun memory.

But the memory problem would not explain the CPU filling, or the various JFX errors. Also, when a software runs out of memory, it should not crash (freeze yes, but not crash).

NB: addition to my previous messages: There are sometimes lots of errors mentioning some firefox-related CC files.

This is actually the most troubling aspect. Over the past few weeks, I saw hundreds of different error messages. I will try to collect all of them.

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