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What's next for CTE?

In my opinion, one of the best things that has happened to CTE since I bought the license a few years ago is TTS, for it makes revisions a way more effective. Many thanks Igor!

Now, what would I like to see next—but not in a too distant future? Live preview of the target text, a feature that is especially useful when doing non-technical jobs that require the text to be flown in a certain way without waiting to export the translation first.

Watching the source-target two-column pane alone is not sufficient, because it doesn't really give an exact idea of how the text is flowing.

I hope this feature can be implemented sooner than later, and possibly not only for doc, xls and ppt files. I know at least one CAT tool that is experimenting with sdlxliff files too, which means that it should not be technically impossible.

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