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CTE crashes on exit

This is happening since I applied the latest build: CTE often crashes when closing the program, which I can terminate only with the usual Ctrl+Al+Del (I'm on Windows).

Or better, it's the embedded Java that seems to crash, hence my question: what is in theory the safest solution: embedded standalone Java?

This issue has been occurring almost every time I close CTE since the latest update. It never happened before, even with much larger TMs.

Projects, memories and glossaries are rather small, and CTE never crashed on closing before. But, it hasn't happened during the last few days (with the very same projects, memories and glossaries), so maybe it was a temporary situation.

When CafeTran exits, it saves the current state of the project, glossaries and memories. If you have those resources large, it may take a while to save them and exit. So perhaps it only takes time to save all your resources before exiting?

The modern versions of CafeTran run only on embedded Java.

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