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Deleting tags requires 4 key presses

In the latest build, I noticed that I have to press the backspace key 4 times to delete a tag, which seems to unnecessarily slow down the tag handling.

Is this intentional?

A single keystroke for removing all tags is there out of the box: Ctrl+Shift+/ , right? Works on Windows and on Linux, don't know about Mac.

It was a gigantic mountain for me. It was like I was parallised. And now, I'm happy (and proud) that I climbed that mountain. Together with CafeTran Espresso, Keyboard Maestro made translating fun again.

But your mileage most likely will vary, with all the nice other activities that you have (voice work etc.).

Stay cool in Nice!



Hi alwayslockyourbike

no, I'm not (yet) a user of Keyboard Maestro, but thanks so much, I may one day accept the offer.

@Soundword: If you're willing to use Keyboard Maestro, I'm happy to provide a (simple) macro that removes all tags at a single key press.

Please submit a support ticket with the sdlppx file indicating the segment number with the problematic tags to check it. The keyboard shortcut in the menu Edit > Target segment > Remove tags can quicken the deletion of tags. 

As I currently have this problem, and it has been going on for some time now and is quite disturbing, I would like to reopen this topic. I have many many segments where I have to delete tags and it takes so much time. Currently working on sdlppx files.

Hi Igor,

Today, I can't reproduce this anymore, so all good. If this reoccurs, I will open a ticket then.

Hi Igor,

I was working on an external project, but I've just tested and I am able to reproduce this on a native project. I will open a ticket and share the file soon. Thank you!

Does it occur in CT native projects? Can you attach the project via the support ticket indicating the segment number?

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