CafeTran Espresso 10.9 - Apple Charlotte

CafeTran Espresso 10.9 - Apple Charlotte version is available for download.


Important! Do not update before exporting your current projects. Please complete all your translation projects in your current CafeTran version before updating.


The update can be performed via Drag and Drop as follows:

1. Make sure your current CafeTran version is at least 10.7. It also should run on Java 11 or a higher version. Please check CafeTran and Java version in CafeTran's Help > About panel.

2. Download file from here and place it on your desktop. Do not unzip or rename the file after downloading.

Note: On macOS system, Safari web browser may unzip the file automatically after downloading it. Before you download the update file, uncheck the following Safari option:

Safari > Preferences > General > Open "safe" files after downloading or use another web browser for the download.

3. Drag and Drop the downloaded file anywhere in CafeTran's initial screen - the Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can install file via the "Install Update" button in the Help > About panel instead of dragging and dropping.

What's new:

- First CafeTran release for Mac's Apple M1 chip architecture (

- Updated libraries for Apple M1 chip.

- Equals character in the non-translatable fragments can be escaped with the backslash.

- Fixed an issue with the non-translatable fragments containing numbers.

- Fixed the tagging issue in Adobe InDesign filter.

- Single-click addition of the selected terms to the glossary or translation memory. It works as follows:

    1. Select a term in the source segment.

    2. Select its translation in the target segment.

    3. Click the chosen glossary or translation memory pane to add the new entry there.  


- Skipped read-only resources during Search and Replace action.

- Blocked Split and Join segments action during the translation of subtitles.

- Fixed the whole segment deletion by Backspace when selecting the text with the boundary tags.

- Updated interface to IBM Watson Machine Translation API.

You need to set the API key and URL address for IBM Watson MT in CafeTran's Preferences > MT services tab > API key button. The API key and URL can be generated and copied from IBM website after signing up there.

- Changing tabs divider orientation does not require restart.

- Reduced width of the segment editor toolbars for smaller laptop screens in the compact windows layout.

- Fixed the issue with the display of the converted non-translatable fragments in F4 pop-up panel.

- Converted non-translatable fragments are shown in the auto-assembling result.

- Automatic transfer of the number being the source segment to target segment editor if the segment is empty.

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