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Process Tracked Changes in SDLXLIFF files

Here's a workaround to process Tracked Changes in SDLXLIFF files.

As a Mac user, you can use the attached text factory for BBEdit. Place it in the appropriate folder:



and call it via this command:


Users of other operating system can use any editor that supports regular expressions.

The relevant replacement strings are:


(\<mrk mtype="x-sdl-added" sdl:revid="\w+-\w+-\w+-\w+-\w+"\>)(.*?)(\<\/mrk\>)

(\<mrk mtype="x-sdl-deleted" sdl:revid="\w+-\w+-\w+-\w+-\w+"\>)(.*?)(\<\/mrk\>)

 (case-sensitive, greb/regex selected)

Run these replacements on the SDLXLIFF file that contains tracked changes.

Open the file in CafeTran Espresso.

Filter on:



 with the Regex checkbox ticked.

Make the appropriate modifications.

Remove all added markup, e.g. by replacing the regular expression above with nothing.

BTW: You can also use a regular expression to delete all text between the del and /del markup.

Use at your own risk and always make a backup of the SDLXLIFF file.

Delete all tracked deletions in one run (if you dare):


In the first block with numbered lines, lines 1 and 4 are Find expressions, lines 2 and 5 the corresponding Replace expressions.

Since colour marking of non-translatables only works in the Source Segment Editor, it's not possible to colour the {add} and {del} markups like this:


Without the markups, a colouring in bold green for added text and strike through bold red text would be nice. Wouldn't it?

Or with Unicode brackets, e.g.:


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