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When exporting document (XLF) nothing happens, but also no error message

I have small XLF file (8 short segments) that I've translated in CafeTran (Windows). When I try to export the document (Project>Export and exchange>Export current document), two messages appear. The first asks "Set translated status for target segments" (for which I click yes), and the second says "Segment status is set to translated and the translated file is saved."

However, following this, nothing happens (including any error message) and I am unable to find any translated file. Not in my documents, not in any CafeTran folders.

I've searched the forums for this problem and tried applying some of the common fixes, including making sure the QA checks have been done. I also don't think it's a lack of RAM, since the file is tiny. This XLF file comes from an agency via another piece of translation software, but as far as I can tell there's nothing wrong with it, and this process of exporting it from the software, importing it into CafeTran, then exporting it back has worked before.

Grateful for any help!

Hello Benjamin,

For external projects, the Export button is replaced by a Finalize button.

Instead of exporting the translated file in the target language, the bilingual file is saved at the location from which it was opened.

After finalizing such a project, you can just copy the file from its original location.

Please note that the QA step "Check tags" is especially important for external projects.

Source files for third-party projects cannot be exported. I guess no CAT tool can do this ...

You can create a bilingual export file, for proofing.

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