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automatic transfer of segments from contents page to rest of document

Hello all, when I translate a document with a table of contents, I find that the segments from the table (with tabs and page numbers) are automatically used further on in the document for the headers. So the header in the main doc also has the page number and any tabs. If I change it, CafeTran automatically changes it in the table of contents as well. Any ideas on how I can prevent this? Many thanks in advance for your help!

Greetings from sunny Somerset,


Is this an MS-Word document, Natalie?

It's a Trados package: .sdlppx

Aha. Does it help when you deactivate auto-propagation backwards?

So much to learn, so little time...! I had a look under auto-propagation but I can't see a backwards option (see screenshot).

Check Forward only

Of course (face palm), that makes sense. And then change it manually where appropriate. Many thanks for your help, kind bike person!

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