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TM totally ruined by uninvited Autopilot-like action

This is the second time happening to me: upon reopening an ongoing PPT project, without doing anything CTE started to scroll down through the source-target pane as if the Autopilot were activated (it wasn't, for I never use it).

But worst of it, the target segments lost their original linking to the source segment, showing the next segment's target text instead. In so doing, the attached TM was consequently affected without, again, me doing anything.

This behavior continued even after restarting CTE, and the only way to stop it was to restart the PC. Moral of the story, I had to start translating from scratch again (two hours of work lost).

I don't remember why I didn't report this fact the first time it happened, and I don't remember if at that time it was with another PPT file either.

Might this be a Java-related thing?

I can't confirm it here. Without experiencing this issue, there is no way to fix it. Normally, issues in the software appear upon performing some action by the user. The developer should be able to recreate the actions to confirm it and provide the fix.  It is really strange that it occurs for you once in a few months. I don't know it for sure but perhaps some external operating system action (e.g automatic triggering of the Next segment shortcut) might be the culprit.

If it is the Autopilot function responsible for this issue, you can stop it immediately by clicking at the target segment editor. 


I expected this answer and, of course, you can't confirm this issue at your side. If you could, it would mean that it can happen easily to any CTE user, which apparently isn't the case. As you said, probably it's caused by a very rare combination of conditions.

Let me just summarize again what I already reported:

1) The automatically triggered scrolling in the source-target pane started as soon as I opened an ongoing project. Other than this simple action, I didn't press any other key.

2) It looked like it was the Autopilot (that I didn't start nor it was selected in the menu), for each automatic switch between one segment and the other took exactly the same amount of time. Pressing the Esc key did nothing. Closing and reopening CTE did nothing either, in the sense that the same scrolling started all over again. The only way to stop it was to restart Windows.

But, most worrisome of all was the facts that 1) the self-scrolling played havoc with the target segments by automatically offsetting their contents (original correspondence lost between source and target), and that this affected directly the TM, which didn't allow me to rebuild the project. If it was the Autopilot that was triggered by an abnormal action, why should it mess up in this way with the target segments?

And, if it's reasonable to think that it might indeed be the Autopilot's self-triggering somehow, can at least a way be conceived to avoid that target segments and TMs aren't automatically changed but by the user only?


First of all, please make sure you use a modern CafeTran version (10.8). Also, if you switched from an old CTE version in the past and did not reset the Preferences at that time, it would be good to reset it via the Edit > Preferences > the Reset button. Usually, it is not needed but it might help in some rare cases like this.  

I've being using version 10.8.3 since it came out, and if memory serves me well my most recent full installation (from scratch) was when the Java-incorporated version was made available, in which case I did all settings all over again.

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