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CafeTran crashes when trying to import a very large glossary from excel file


Have been trying to import a glossary from excel (2 columns) following each step of the documentation help. File contains over 400 K entries. Every time I try, CafeTran window crashes and goes black, cannot even close it (the only way is by the task manager). Is there any fields limit for a glossary? Or maybe you could suggest me another way to do it.  Thanks in advance.



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Hello Gabriel,

A few thoughts:

- I assume you have the full licence, since there is indeed a limit for the number of glossary entries you can use with the free/trial version

- Can you check how much RAM is allocated to Java/CafeTran? This can be found in Edit>Preferences>Memory. Depending on how much RAM your computer has, you might want to bring that number up. For example, I have 12 GB RAM and use 3072. This setting requires that you restart CafeTran. More RAM could definitely help with such operations (especially if the allocated RAM is only 1024 kilobytes).

- Instead of importing your glossary as an Excel file, how about exporting your Excel file to CSV/TSV (or a tab delimited TXT)? My guess is that the resulting file will be less heavy to process. Instead of importing it, this allows you to simply open it from the Glossary menu > Open glossary (I guess you'd want to set it as Read-only too. I suggest that you export to CSV with Tabulation (not comma) as the separator. For the first row, add the appropriate #language code. To make sure what you need to put, you can just edit the project glossary in Glossary > Edit Glossary and use the same in your file. I use this method for open the IATE glossary, so I think it should work alright for 400 K entries.


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