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Tip appreciated

I have about 9 glossaries, 4 of which are set to Write-enabled (regex, non-translatables, names, new terms).

Every time when I relaunch CafeTran Espresso and start working, I forget to untick the first three glossaries in the dialogue box New Term.

When I mark a new term pair in the editors and click the pencil icon ... the new term pair will be added to all four glossaries, instead of only to the new terms glossary.

How can I prevent this?

Don't click the general OK button in the New Term editor. Just use the numbered button with the pencil icon next to the name of your glossary.

True. But this is only possible when I open the dialogue box. Normally (in most cases) I add new terms directly from the editors.

Only when I want to add alternative terms or term nests, etc., I open the dialogue box.

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