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What settings to convert number format?

Hi all,

I know there are a number of threads on this already, and that Igor made improvements in the latest version of CT, but I can't work out how to get CT to convert my numbers for me automatically.

I have a file with lots of segments which are just numbers surrounded on either side by lots of white space. CT inserts the source automatically when I reach the segment, but doesn't convert the number. I can use F4, but I'd like to know whether it's possible, with some combination of settings or otherwise, to have them converted automatically, so all I have to do is skip to the next segment. Is that possible?

(There are also quite a few segments which are just percentages e.g. "3.1%", and it would be great if CT could convert them too, but I know from a previous discussion that that may be wishful thinking.)


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Currently, CafeTran can convert the number format only when you place the number via the F4 shortcut. The conversion during the automatic transfer of numbers from source to target may be implemented soon.

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