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Tags aren’t included in keyboard-based selection

Most of the time, trying to select text that includes tags using keyboard shortcuts rather than mouse click-and-drag fails to select anything or all of the intended text.


<1>Hello <2>world<3>!<4>

Click-and-dragging from "world" to the end selects the text as expected. But placing the cursor before <2> and using Ctrl+Shift+Right Arrow drops the selection as soon as you move across a tag. If you continue to hold down Ctrl+Shift and move in the same direction, CafeTran will start a new selection after the tag, then drop it again when you encounter another tag, and so on.

The same applies with just Shift+Arrow.

Interestingly, Ctrl+End and Ctrl+Home don’t have the same issue.

This is on Linux with the latest client.

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CafeTran uses labels for tags, not the actual text. It facilitates their placing , ordering, hiding and merging. The downside of such an implementation is that you can't select the tag via the keyboard shortcut as the labels are not treated as text. Please use the mouse if you need to select the tag. The mouse selection also enables dragging and dropping the tags.

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