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Can Total Recall be used for concordancing?

Can I import a big TMX file into a Total Recall database and use this database for concordancing during a translation session?

1. Activate Total Recall menu (via View > Show Total Recall menu).

2. Open your Total Recall table with the segments from the imported TMX memory - the menu Total Recall > Memory tables.

3. Use TR source or TR target buttons that will appear in the search buttons bar at the top to look up the words in your table.

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Thanks. It worked.


I found this gigantic collection of patents (DE > EN) at Michael's site. I want to use it for concordancing when working from DE > NL. (The EN can give me info about the meaning/resolve ambiguity of the DE.)

How should I set this up?

Simple import the DE > EN files and use the TM source button? Or should I open all TMX files and replace:

<tuv xml:lang="en">



<tuv xml:lang="nl">

It's not possible to map EN to NL during import of the TMX to the TR table, is it? 

BTW: For those who are interested in the patents repository, it's this one:

If you recall the Total Recall table via Total Recall > Recall memory... menu, you can define your language pair in the Total Recall options panel that pops up.

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