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What's the best way...

to have a proper segmentation for:

...this product.2 If this product...?

2 is a tag, and after this tag there is an empty space. Currently, CTE is unable to break the sentence in this point.


Did you try this checkbox?


But I don't want the text to be segmented at all tags (there are several formatting tags too in the sentence).

That's what I was afraid of ;).

Sorry, I don't know another solution.

What's the file format?

Igor, where are you?

Currently, the default behavior for the above character sequence involving the punctuation character, the tag followed by the space is joining of the segment. So you just need to split the segment using the Split segments button in the target segment toolbar. In a future update, CafeTran might split it automatically.

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Thank you, I know that I can split the sentence manually in cases like this. Only, I don't see why CTE shouldn't be able to do it automatically. So, the fix in a future update is welcome.

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