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Joining/splitting segments in Transit XML projects


Is it possible to join/split segments in Transit XML projects? Or rather, is there any risk involved in it?

Thanks for your answer!


Not sure, but I’m happy to run a test.

I've created a test document and joined and split segments in CafeTran Espresso. Import in Transit was okay.

Of course, when joining, you’ll have to add the tag that represents the segment end.

Martin, Do you have the info that you need?

Igor, you might want to add this info to your Solutions.

Yes, thanks a lot for the info!

I've joined quite a few segments in my current project, and I pay special attention to the tags in the joined segments. I won't export the translation until Monday, so I don't know about any problems on the customer's side.

Meanwhile I've completed that Transit project and hand one more, in which I also joined some segments. My customer didnt't have any problem using the return packages.

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