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non-translatables conversion feature

I tried the new NT conversion feature with measurements such as "50mm", to make sure a space is inserted between the number and the unit in the target language, even if that space is missing in the source language. 

The regex I use is:

|(\d+)mm=(1) mm
|(\d+)\.(\d+)mm=(1),(2) mm
|(\d+)\,(\d+)mm=(1),(2) mm

As can be seen in the screenshot, of the three non-translatable elements, only the first one is correctly recognized. The other two are just repetitions of the first one. What is going on here, is anything wrong with my regex?

(20.1 KB)

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Thank you. This is a great feature, and I hope it will get fixed soon because such cases occur pretty often and I always wondered what was wrong.

For the time being, you can work around this with this clumsy solution:


|(2\d+)mm=(1) mm
|(4\d+)mm=(1) mm
|(7\d+)mm=(1) mm

 Providing that the first number is unique ;).


Thank you for bringing this up! I can confirm your findings.

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