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Automatic language switching for docx documents

In a JP-IT project that I have just finished, I noticed that the exported DOCX document was not set automatically to the target language (IT).

More precisely, the target language is still JP when I open the document in Microsoft Word 2016, but it's IT (the correct setting) when I open it in LibreOfffice.

Unfortunately, within Word I couldn't change the language in the exported document neither, which prevented me from applying the necessary checks and formatting as I would normally do with Italian documents. 

This issue seems related to another one that I've recently found with a Microsoft Excel 2016 document, which appeared correctly only when opening it in LibreOffice.

Can CTE's docx and xlsx filters be tweaked further, please?


Since CafeTran Espresso's ability to set the target language in the exported DOCX seems to depend on the correct setting of the source language in the imported document:

  • Has the SL been set correctly in the source document?
  • Everywhere? (In all 'stories' of the document, being text boxes, headers, footers, etc.)

Yes and Yes. It's a very simple docx document all set to Japanese.

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