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Types and logic of tagging schemes?


Which types of tagging schemes does CafeTran Espresso use (and out of interest: what causes the different types?).

I can identify two types:


Does CafeTran Espresso use any other variants?

For its native projects, it uses the first one handling the whole tags pairing complexity internally. It maintains tags in projects created in other tools, which usually means the second you pictured.

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Die Zahlen lauten: <x1>eins</x1>, <x2>zwei</x2>, <x3>drei</x3>, <x4>vier</x4>, <x5>fünf</x5>, <x6>sechs</x6>, <x7>sieben</x7>, <x8>acht</x8>, <x9>neun</x9> und <x10>zehn</x10>.

CafeTran Espresso:

Die Zahlen lauten: <x1/>eins<x2/>, <x3/>zwei<x4/>, <x5/>drei<x6/>, <x7/>vier<x8/>, <x9/>fünf<x10/>, <x11/>sechs<x12/>, <x13/>sieben<x14/>, <x15/>acht<x16/>, <x17/>neun<x18/> und <x19/>zehn<x20/>.

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