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Missing spaces when translating from Japanese (again)

 It's happening that when I have a text like this, where the red numbers are tags:


after export I get this: 

... per ifigli di discendenza giapponeseprovenienti...

That is, there is no space between "i" and "figli" and between "giapponese" and "provenienti".

Without being able to check myself in case I cannot export the file, I end up delivery the translation with this type of error.

By the way, this was an Excel file.

Can it be fixed urgently, please?

Do you actually type the space between those 'glued' words in your target language? Transferring a tag is not enough as it indicates the change of format only (not the space).

Thank you. Yes, I typed and I can actually see the two spaces in the target segment.

Please submit a support ticket attaching the .ctp package created via Project > Export and exchange > To package... .

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