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QA for localized non-translatables

This NT feature is getting better and better. For some examples of localized NTs, see Next step to take: prevent false positives in QA NT for localized ones. I see three different approaches. 2 by the developer (cover the full localized NT or only the numeric parts between brackets after the equals sign). Action for the user before running the QA: take out the NTs with unescaped equals signs (or precede them via greb with a semicolon to disable them).

If no localization of the numerical parts has taken place, after disabling the =NT those parts will be covered by QA numbers. In case of localization, e.g. 0,01 mm for 0.01 mm, things are more complicated. Or does CTE already take the locale into account here? Didn’t check.

Of course, CafeTran Espresso takes the locale into account in QA numbers:



This will trigger a false positive:


Perhaps a convention can be introduced to have numbers ignored when placed between e.g. { and }? (Set them right after the QA.)

Or wait for the time until numerical conversion via the equals sign in regular expressions has been implemented? :)

BTW: This date conversion isn't performed automatically, but at least there are no false positives in QA numbers:


I'll work around the QA issue like this:

  • I create a dedicated non-translatables glossary L10N.txt
  • I'll close this prior to running QA non-translatables

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