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CafeTran doesn't work properly with the new Apple M1


I got the new Macbook Pro M1 Silicon but CafeTran doesn't work properly. It lags and stops responding (Monitor/%Processor = 45% to 230%! Even with small projects/25 segments).

I have Java 16 (Zulu 16 JDK) and 8 GB Unified Memory. 

Does CafeTran work properly on the new M1?

Any help?

Thank you.

Try increasing Java memory for CafeTran as described in this article:

You should see the Java memory usage and max. set value in the Help > About panel > Java memory size.

Currently, CafeTran uses the OpenJDK (see the Help > About panel) that uses Rosetta 2 to make it run with the M1 chip.

Thank you for your answer.

I've already done this, but unfortunately it didn't change anything. 

CafeTran is almost unusable :(

Do you think I should return this Mac and get a 16 GB Unified Memory instead?

I don't know if 16 GB helps in this case. The issue might be in the additional Rosetta 2 layer that makes Intel-built software run on M1 processor. Check if Java memory usage in CafeTran's Help > About panel > > Java memory size approaches the max. value in the bar. This would be the indication for more memory.  I hope that all relevant Java libraries will be ported to the new M1 chip soon so that CTE could run without Rosetta 2.

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